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Love Your Home This February!

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February is a month set aside to celebrate love. You might be planning a fancy date night or a girls’ night out, you might be planning your child’s valentine card box or maybe you plan on boycotting Valentine’s Day all together. Whatever your plans are this February, don’t forget to show love to your home!

Unclog Gutters

Most people forget about their gutters during the winter. Clogged gutters in the winter can lead to a lot of damage to your home. The biggest culprit? Ice dams.

Ice dams happen when your gutters and downspouts are clogged. We’ve had a few snow days, and when that snow melts, it should drain. When it can’t because of clogged gutters, you get ice dams. Ice dams can cause all kinds of trouble for your home. The weight of the ice can detach the gutter completely from your home or they can prevent water from draining off the roof. When this happens, water finds itself in your home.

Check the Drafts

Hopefully you sealed up your windows earlier in the winter. It’s time to check and make sure those seals are still doing their job!

Have Your Carpets Cleaned

Schedule this one toward the end of the month. Your carpets are probably in need of a good cleaning post-holidays and winter grime. Your carpets will look like new, and your home will feel fresh and bright.

Replace Your Air Filters

Air filters on your HVAC system should be changed every one to three months to keep the air in your home clean and to save on energy costs. Go with high-quality air filters to remove things like mold and other particles from the air.

Find Out How Energy Efficient Your Home is!

Have a home energy audit done this month. Home energy audits will lower your energy bills and produce better air quality. You’ll get an in-depth look at any potential issues, and then you can decide how to proceed.

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