Your April Home Maintenance Checklist! | Scott Johnson

Your April Home Maintenance Checklist!

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Spring has finally arrived! If you've lived in the Midwest in the spring, you know it can be a tricky time of year. Rain, turbulent weather and varying temperatures all cause problems for your home. We have a list of seven things you can do this month to help prepare your home for spring!

  1. Prevent water damage! The most important things you can do to prevent water damage to your home are the easiest (yay!): have your gutters cleaned and have a landscaper make sure there is proper sloping in your yard.
  2. It's time to service your AC. That first hot and muggy day is closer than you think! While you're at it, set up regular service.
  3. Power-wash the exterior of your home (including the walkways, driveway, porches, and decks). Power washing does more than make the outside of your house look like new; it washes away bugs, nest debris and spider eggs.
  4. Install a smart thermostat. You can save up to $180 every year just by keeping your thermostat programmed and running efficiently! A smart thermostat also means that you can adjust the temperature in your home while you are away on vacation and right before you get home.
  5. Caulk around windows and doors. Is the gap around a door or window wider than a nickel? You'll need to apply caulk.
  6. Fix any breakdown in concrete before it worsens. Cold temps over the winter can cause damage to concrete; do a visual inspection to see if you have to address anything.
  7. Reseal your deck. The winter is harsh on decks; it's time to reseal just in time for grilling season!

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